Bells Elementary School Announces Paw Pride Winners for December

Bells Elementary School recently announced the school’s "Paw Pride" winners for December.
The Bells School Paw Pride Program is a character education program that rewards students in first through fifth grade for demonstrating excellent character traits.  The students were selected for exhibiting one of the four pillars of character education: be responsible, be respectful, be a friend, or be safe.
Winners received a pizza lunch with the school's Principal Mrs. Ginny Grier, a Paw Pride certificate, and scented pencils.
The Paw Pride Winners for December:
Grade 1 – Abigail Scott, Rishi Patel, Mark Carr II, Madyn Coghlan, and Marco Ochoa.
Grade 2 – Cecilia LaGreca, Dante DeMarco, Dominique Musto, Isabella Dickerson, and Andrew Reilley.
Grade 3 – Madeline Vermeulen, Brayden Chew, Aeden Shemeley, Michael Steffney, and Mya Kowalczyk.
Grade 4 – Jafar Yousef, John Martino, Mekhi Clark, Matt Hodolfsky, and Santino Cristella.
Grade 5 – Kaylee-Jo Pepe, Brian Sharkey, Jennifer Bianchi, Caden Morrell, and Rachel Heil.