Whitman Elementary School Participates in "Hour of Code"

Dawn Heil's first through fifth grade computer classes will accompany millions of students across the world participating in the "Hour of Code."
The program is an online introduction to computer science that will focus on problem solving skills, logic, and creativity.
The class is designed to familiarize students with computer coding and provide them with introductory skills to a technology-oriented world.
Whitman students will be participating on Monday, December 8th, Tuesday, December 9th, and Friday, December 12th at the following times:
Fourth grade 9:50-10:30am
Third grade 10:35-11:15am
Fifth grade 11:20 a.m.-12:00pm
First grade  1:30-2:10pm
Second grade  2:15-2:55pm
Please visit hourofcode.com for more information.