D'Ippolito Elementary School Presents "Parents, Potions and Potter"

The D'Ippolito Elementary School celebrated a Harry Potter-themed parent appreciation night.
Over 450 students and parents attended the school's "Parents, Potions and Potter" event. Upon their arrival, guests passed through a plethora of Harry Potter themed rooms, including "Platform 9 3/4." The school's staff members dressed as many notable faces from Harry Potter, including Professor Ravenclaw and Professor Snape while the gymnasium was transformed into Hogwarts Hall, accompanied by floating candles, long tables, and House crests.
A magic show followed dinner, provided by Kevin Bethea, and an Alchemy and Potions Class courtesy of the Vineland High School Wizardry Club and Vicki Yeager. The night ended with the Harry Potter Artifact Museum tour, and a glow-in-the-dark outdoor Horcrux Hunt.
The school has received national recognition from the National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University for their "Our Parents Are Out of this World" event.