Washington Township High School Inducts 16 Into Hall of Fame

Washington Township High School inducted 16 new members into their Sports Hall of Fame this past week.
Those honored received plaques during a ceremony held at Wedgwood Country Club.  The plaques will be displayed outside of the school's 9/10 gymnasium.
Inductees who received the honor are as follows:
Samantha Sarin (class of 2005, bowling), Samantha Jones (class of 2008, gymnastics), Melanie Helterbran (class of 2005, softball), Andrea March (class of 2006, track and field), Nicole Muracco (class of 2006, field hockey), Jen Evans (class of 2002, soccer), Kimara Mitchell Stokes (class of 1988, track and field), Bill Rice (class of 2007, baseball), Ryan D’Imperio (class of 2006, football), Dan Betteridge (class of 2006, baseball and basketball), Greg Hamond (class of 1995, basketball), Tim Huckel (class of 1993, baseball and football), Joe Betteridge (class of 1980, basketball), Dave Tomasette (class of 2003, wrestling), Jeff Pallies (class of 1970, wrestling), and Antony Jordan (class of 1993, football).