Vineland High School Defeats Millville in Annual "Brain Brawl"

The Vineland High School Academic Team defeated Millville, 31-18, in the annual "Brain Brawl."
The match featured questions in math, history, literature, spelling, science, and current events.
The VHS team included co-captains Dhruv Patel, and William Lunsford, backed up by Anthony Carter, Angela Benson, Sarah Gibney, Robert Greene, Greg Hughes, Justin Malme, alternate Jeff Martine, and alternate Lindsay Olita.  The coach is Vicki Yeager.
Millville's team included Ryan Pletcher, Sara Penka, Caroline Wood, Erica Coslop, Robert Page, Zack Eckert, Ethan Bryan, Breeann Stowe, Chelsea Smith and Matt Halloran. Their coach is Donna Cedermark.