VHS Students Are Collecting Items for Marines Overseas

Vineland High School students are participating in a fundraiser for U.S. Marines who are stationed in battle zones overseas.
"Care packages are one of the most anticipated and appreciated gifts a Marine can receive while deployed overseas," said Daun Moir, a health and physical education teacher at VHS North.
Donations may include items, or money for shipping. Acceptable items include: baby wipes (no flushable wipes), foot powder, razors, pain relievers, lip balm, crew or boot style socks, Q-tips, toothbrushes, batteries (AA and AAA only), coffee (up to 1lb can or re-saleable container), electrolyte replacement drink mixes (such as Mio, Gatorade), jerky (no pork), seeds, nuts, trail mix or dried fruit, sunblock and hand warmers. No aerosol cans, no boxes of unsealed food, no pork, no flushable products.
Moir started the program because her son, a sophomore at Schalick High School, has always wanted to be a Marine.
She said, "There was a special interest in (the Marine Corps) our home"..
Students participating in the drive can use drop offs at the school stores or in homerooms. There will also be a one-day community donation drop off on Saturday, Dec.20 from 9am-noon at the entrance of VHS North.
"The purpose of the workshop is to have educators return to their schools and deliver the message of how the Corps makes Marines exceptional men and woman," she said. "I feel this drive will help raise awareness of the sacrifice they make for our country and allow the community to give back to them."
For more information, contact Moir at dmoir@vineland.org or at (856) 794-6800, Ext. 2745.