Cumberland County Library Director Jean Edwards Retiring After 41 Years

After a 41 year career at the Cumberland County Library, Director Jean Edwards is retiring.
Edwards began her career at the Cumberland County Library in 1973 as a library intern after obtaining her Master’s degree in art history from Virginia Commonwealth University. After a few years, she earned her Master’s degree in Library Science at Drexel University, while she was working full-time at the library. She became Assistant Director in 1983 and in 2009 she became the director of the library.
During her tenure Edwards has seen a countless number of changes including an electronic library catalog and the advancement of media transforming into CDs, DVDs, and now digital versions.
“That doesn't mean printed materials are not in demand. They are!” Edwards said. “I don’t expect books to disappear anytime soon. Most people still want  printed books.”
Even though Edwards is retiring she is still looking forward to seeing how the library progresses in the future.
“Serving 157,000 residents of the county, the county library has a lot to be proud of in its history and in the current time. I’m proud of the library and the people who support it.” Edwards said. “The library is an integral part of the community.”
Edwards announced that she would be stepping down as director at the end of 2014 during the September meeting of the Cumberland County Library Commission.
At the September meeting of the Cumberland County Library Commission, Edwards, announced that she would be stepping down as director at the end of 2014.
During her time at the Library she has made many improvements, such as creating more digital resources such as electronic books, music and films are now available through EBSCO, hoopladigital, Freegal, and Freading. The library is now available 24/7 if you have a computer, iPhone, or tablet.
“I’ve enjoyed my years of service, and I will miss the staff and the many residents I’ve gotten to know and see frequently,” Edwards said. “The county library celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and I hope in another 50 years there will be a library director and staff celebrating its 100th anniversary. I’m looking forward to the future - the library’s and mine!”
Edwards said that she plans to show her beautiful, prize-winning Siberian Huskies more frequently in competitions, and to spend more time pursuing photography and enjoying life.