Vineland High School's Academic Team is Hosting the Invitational Academic Bowl This Thursday

The Academic Team at Vineland High School is hosting the open of the competition season this Thursday at its Second Annual Invitational Academic Bowl competing against Hammonton High School.
Vineland High School is hosting the free event which begins at 7pm in the auditorium of VHS South.
Each team will consist of four seniors and four juniors.  The two teams will will compete in two 30 minute halves in a a contest that features questions in history, literature, geography, math and what could accurately be described as "intellectual trivia." Each correct answer is worth five points.  If a team feels the other team answered incorrectly, they can challenge the team for 3 points.  The team with the most points at the end of the second half wins the competition.
"It gives us an opportunity to showcase the outstanding students we have in our schools," said coach Vicki Yeager. "Last year we thought it was time to start hosting our own invitational, so we could have other area schools share the spotlight -- including local television --- with us."
The questions are selected from staff and professional sources from both schools.
Vineland's team is being coached by Yeager and includes seniors Dhruv Patel, William Lunsford, Anthony Carter, and Angela Benson and juniors Sarah Gibney, Justin Malme, Robert Greene; and Greg Hughes. Alternates are senior Lindsay Olita. and junior Jeff Martine.
Hammonton's team is being coached by Thomas Boyd and includes seniors Shane Krusen, Sergiy Dovgopol, Tom Simpson, Jeff Sabo, Emma Heath; and juniors Jake McBrearty, Pedro Pallares, Caleb Obeng, Joe Matella, and Zach Levey.