Cumberland County Technical Education Center To Donate Two Houses to Bridgeton City Park

The Cumberland County Technical Education Center has agreed to donate two student-built houses to Bridgeton City Park.
Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly said that one of the houses will be used to increase the capacity at the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey, the use for the second house is still being discussed.
“We’ve wanted to meet space needs at the Hall of Fame for a while and being able to use one of the houses to increase the footprint there which should allow that venue to grow and develop to the next level” said Kelly.
The structures were donated after Kelly and the Center's board members began discussions over the future use of the houses.  This led to the decision for them to be donated to Bridgeton, since the city had particular ideas for structures.
“Bridgeton clearly had a need and a use for the houses and after hearing about Bridgeton’s broader vision for the park, we are pleased to be able to support that effort using something produced by our students” said CCTEC Board member Darlene Barber.
City officials are now working out the details of moving the houses, but hope to have them operational by the end of  2015.
“A lot of planning is in the works for these houses including transporting form the campus to the park, getting them in place and functioning, but it will take a little time” said Kelly