The Northeast Karting Showdown Crowned Its 2014 Champions

The Northeast Karting Showdown, a 7-race club kart racing series based at New Jersey Motorsports Park, crowned its 2014 champions.
“As we conclude our 2014 season, we want to send a huge congratulations out to our Northeast Karting Showdown champions and thank everyone who participated in the club series,” said Steven Hahn, New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Karting facility manager.
Each classes top three finishers are listed below:
Kid Kart
1. Charles Volpe
2. Will Fahey
3. Ben Maier
Micro Max
1. Justin White
2. Sufyan Waryah
3. Alfonso Lombardo
Mini Max
1. Nicholas Galdi
2. Nicky Badame
3. Jack Manzani
Junior Rotax
1. George Stojakovic
2. Stephen Mallozi
3. Billy Drury
Senior Rotax
1. Sal Sparacio
2. Billy Ogle
3. Adam Petit
Junior Tag
1. Dan Nyman
2. Rylee Osborn
3. Michael Galdi
Senior Tag
1. Billy Ogle
2. Brad Nyman
3. Giuliano Damiano
Tag Masters
1. Corey Chase
2. Joe Lattanzi
3. Miles Mahoney
1. Dan Laporta
2. Mark Abrahams
3. Gunnar Van Der Steur