VIDEO: Tourism Industry Highlighted in South Jersey


PILESGROVE - Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno stopped by Auburn Road Vineyard this afternoon in a continuing effort of highlighting tourism growth in South Jersey.

“Tourism Tuesday started as a result of Sandy, believe it or not, because a lot of money went to Sandy and the rest of the state of New Jersey said, well what about us," said Guadagno. "So we said, you’re right, what about the rest of the state of New Jersey?”

In 2014, the tourism industry directly supported over 300 thousand job in the state of New Jersey.  Tourism sales and taxes help support the arts, culture, and history of New Jersey.

“Tourism in New Jersey’s 42 billion dollar revenue generating business, it is the second or third, depending on who you talk, third largest industry in the state and we need to be sure people are aware of that,” said Guadagno.