VIDEO: Senator Kean Pushing Legislation to Help Local Breweries


CAPE MAY - Beers and legislative bills were the focus at Cape May Brewing Company on Tuesday afternoon.
State Senator Tom Kean took a tour of the facility with Cape May Brewing Company President Ryan Krill.
Kean is promoting three bills – one allowing local breweries to sell their products at farm markets in communities that permit alcoholic beverages, another would allow consumers to enjoy local food at microbreweries, and the third would allow New Jersey brew pubs to increase their barrel sales in New Jersey and beyond.
Kean and Krill said that there’s more to the bills then just sipping suds.
“So this is a great, innovative sector of the economy," said Kean. "It’s a great center of gravity for a lot of different communities.  And it’s a great testament to creativity within the Garden State.”
“It’s really remarkable to be able to have Senator Kean here, being a big advocate, coming all the way from North Jersey to come visit us and show his support of the legislation," said Krill. "He’s been a big supporter in the past of our bills, and I know he’s right behind us again. He knows how big a business craft brewing is and how many jobs it creates.”

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