VIDEO: Housing First Coalition Meets to End Homelessness in Cumberland County


VINELAND - Reverand Dr. Rob Weinstein, of Bethany Grace Community Church, and attendees of the Housing First coalition are trying to find the solution for homelessness.
He said that getting out of the homelessness pit is going to require more than a spoon, or even a shovel. It’s going to require, quite simply, a house.
"You know, it’s actually a very easy solution. If someone’s homeless, what do they need? They need a home," said Weinstein. "So get them into a home, then build the wraparound services around that to elevate them. Because without a home, you can’t get your documentation in order. Without documentation you can’t get a job. Without a home, you can’t get a shower, you don’t have clothes, you don’t have a stable residence and nobody’s going to hire you.”
The initiative focuses on housing first, and supplementary services second. It’s a long-term solution to homelessness that local community and business leaders are moving forward in bringing here, to Cumberland County.

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